Are Front Doors Common Property?

Are balcony doors common property?

most balcony doors are usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1974.

a townhouse or villa), is usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1 July 1974, unless the registered strata plan says it is not..

Is waterproofing common property?

The waterproofing when laid by the lot owner, is lot owner property to be maintained by the lot owner. Yes, provided the by-laws passed to allow the change to common property specifies that – otherwise it defaults to the owners corp. The waterproofing cannot suddenly become common property.

Is a car space common property?

They cannot use parking for visitors or emergency vehicles. They should check that their lot entitlement includes a car space. If there is no space, they can apply for a common property rights by-law which will allow them to park on common property.

Can I clamp a car parked in my space?

It is a criminal offence to clamp/block/tow away a vehicle on private land without lawful authority. … To commit this offence a person must intend to prevent the owner/driver from moving their vehicle. Therefore, clamping your own car to prevent theft would not be an offence.

Are gutters common property?

Such things as pipes or electrical wiring which service only one unit are considered part of that unit and not part of the common property. It should be noted that in most strata corporations the roof, guttering, external walls and foundations are common property.

Is Leaking shower covered by strata?

While a leaking pipe could indeed be the likely culprit, an incorrectly sealed or damaged water membrane in the shower recess could also cause damage of this nature. … With respect to the water damage caused to the walls and ceiling, this is generally covered by the Strata building Insurance policy.

What are common property resources?

Definition: Common property resources (environmental) are natural resources owned and managed collectively by a community or society rather than by individuals.

What do you do if someone parks in your spot?

Just call a tow truck. If they can tow it, they will, that’s how they make their money. If its a marked space for your apartment, you’re paying for that in your lease, they’re straight-up stealing your spot. Last time I had an apartment, if somebody was in my space, they got towed.

Is electricity included in strata?

There are three main types of strata levies: Administrative fund levies to cover daily running expenses like cleaning, gardening, electricity, annual insurance and general building, plumbing and electrical work. … Special levies to cover emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Are doors common property?

Generally, common property includes: Floors, including a ramp or stairway. Boundary walls including any door, window or other structure within the wall and their working parts. … Balcony walls and doors are usually common property if the strata plan was registered after 1 July 1974.

Are fly screens common property?

In almost all cases, fly screens and screen doors on apartments are lot owner property and not common property as the screens didn’t form part of the common property at the time of the strata scheme being registered.

Is common property private property?

Legally speaking, common property is for the use of all owners.

What is the difference between common property and limited common property?

Limited common property (LCP) is common property that has been designated on the strata plan or on a sketch plan filed at the Land Title Office for the exclusive use of one or more strata lots. For example balconies and parking spaces may be designated as limited common property.

Are bathroom tiles common property?

These walls are common property. All internal walls (ie walls between rooms in the unit) are part of the lot. … Any tiles that were originally affixed to a common property surface (ie wall, floor or ceiling) at the time of registration of the plan are also common property, unless the plan specifically states otherwise.