How Much Money Do You Make While In Basic Training?

Do you get paid while in basic training?

However, don’t expect anyone to hand you any money yet.

In order to get paid, the military has to establish your military pay records, and that won’t happen until you inprocess during the first few days of basic training.

If you arrive at basic training before the 10th of the month, you’ll get paid on the 15th..

How much do you get paid during Army basic training?

Service members usually hold this rank through basic training, and automatically promote to the next rank after six months of service. Rounded to the nearest dollar, base pay (salary) starts at $1,554 per month at this rank. After four months of service, pay will increase to $1,681 per month.

How much do you get paid for boot camp?

For example, a person in a branch of the military reserves for more than a year may qualify for entry into the military as an E-2. As of 2013, the basic pay grade for an E-2 in or out of boot camp starts at $1,699.80 per month or $20,398 per year.

How much free time do you get in basic training?

If you’re in basic training in the Marines, you have about four hours of limited, on-base, in barracks, “free time” each week, after the first couple weeks, for the 12 week duration of basic training (boot camp).

How much sleep do you get in basic training?

Most soldiers reported a reduction in sleep duration and quality since entering BCT, citing that they were used to sleeping an average of 8 to 9 hours at home, but averaged 5 to 6 hours per night in BCT.