Is HDB Parking Free On Sunday?

What is EPS parking?

Electronic Parking System (EPS) is a cashless system that uses EPS antenna to read the number of ERP In-Vehicle Unit (IU) at the entry and exit of the carpark.

Motorist drives the vehicle to the Entry point, the EPS Antenna will pick up the IU number and record it together with the entry date and time..

How do I contact HDB?

ErrorGeneral Line – 6490 1111.Sales/Resale Customer Service Line – 1800 866 3066.HDB Loan – 1800 866 3066. Please key in office number.SERS Enquiry Line – 1800 866 3070.Rental Housing Line – 1800 225 5432.HDB Branch Service Line – 1800 225 5432.Commercial Properties Line – 1800 866 3073.Car Park Line – 1800 225 5432.More items…

Where can I park my car in Singapore?

21 Car Parks in Singapore You Didn’t Know Had Free Parking (2020 Edition)Free parking at Mustafa Centre.Free parking at Ikea, Giant Hypermarket and Courts Megastore at Tampines Retail Park.Free parking at The Grandstand.Free parking at OUE Downtown/Downtown Gallery.Free parking at West Coast Park.More items…•

How does season parking work?

HDB season parking enables you to park in a certain group of HDB carparks without having to place coupons. Subscription is on a monthly basis. When you have a valid season parking subscription, you will be able to park in any lot within the carpark group you’re signed up to.

What is coupon parking?

Coupon parking zones allow you to park for longer than 2 hours near the central city.

Is there a cap for HDB parking?

HDB Overnight Parking and other Short-term Parking Charges For car parks with Night Parking Scheme, it is capped at $5 per night (10:30pm-7:00am).

What is family season parking?

With Family Season Parking (FSP), you can park at the car park lots reserved for Season Parking holders near your family members’ home, at all hours of the day.

Where can I buy parking coupon?

Where to Buy Parking CouponsPetrol Stations.Cheers.7-Eleven.Any HDB Branch (except Tampines and Bukit Panjang Branches)Any appointed sales outlets.

Can HDB season parking be prorated?

First-time purchasers can apply season parking for the current month with full rate or buy a longer-term season parking with pro-rated charge for the current month plus following month(s).

How do you get free parking at Ikea Alexandra?

Get free parking. If you’re parking at IKEA Alexandra, you can get 3 hours of free parking when you spend a minimum of $15 on home furnishing products ($5 for IKEA FAMILY Members).

What is HDB parking rate?

Calculation of parking charges For car parks implemented with EPS, parking charges are still based on the current coupon parking charges, that is, 60 cents per half an hour for non-restricted area car parks, and $1.20 per half an hour for restricted area car parks.

Where can I park for free in Singapore?

Free Parking at Car Parks in SingaporeFree Parking in SingaporeTiming of Free Parking Weekday (Monday – Friday)Timing of Free Parking Weekend (Saturday – Sunday/ PH)Mount Faber ParkAll dayMustafa CentreFirst 1 hour freeOrchid Country Club (OCC)All dayOUE Downtown/ Downtown GalleryAfter 6pmAll day21 more rows•Feb 22, 2020

Is Season parking immediate?

If i purchase a used car today, and on the same day, apply for season parking in HDB online, how long will the application processing takes? Immediate. You’ll need to enter your IU number (sticker at the side of your cashcard unit) when buying the 1st time, then the gantry will detect the next time you enter.

How do I know if I have season parking?

To check the validity of your season parking and the car parks you can park at, you can login to My HDBPage. You will also be able to look for other car parks that you can park at, if your preferred one is full.

How do I redeem free parking at MBS?

Members must complete a one-time activation at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk or via SMS to qualify for Parking redemption. 5. Limited to one (1) Parking redemption per member per day, valid for 1 vehicle only. Valid with a minimum spend of S$50 within the same day.

How much is HDB night parking?

For car parks with Night Parking Scheme, short-term parking charges are capped at $5 per night (10:30pm to 7:00am on the following day). Short-term parking is not available at car parks without the Night Parking Scheme.

Can I have 2 HDB season parking?

Resident must be the registered flat owner/ occupier/ tenant living in the HDB precinct served by the car park. Tier 2 season parking rate will apply to the residents’ subsequent cars and all cars of non-residents.

Can I buy temporary season parking?

The temporary season parking is for a short period of time and not meant for long-term or frequent use. You can temporarily transfer your season parking for a maximum of 31 days. The transfer is subject to the availability of parking lots and will take effect immediately. It is not meant for long-term or frequent use.