Question: What Is A Dangerous Occurrence HSE?

How long must accident records be kept?

three yearsHow long do I need to keep accident records.

You must keep the record for at least three years from the date on which it was made..

What is the difference between an accident and a dangerous occurrence?

The main difference between ‘accident’ and ‘incident’ is the former does result in personal injury or property damage. … Near miss (which is an internal recordable incident and should be investigated and recorded). Dangerous occurrence which is reportable under RIDDOR and should be reported within 10 days.

What is a dangerous occurrence and hazardous malfunction?

A hazardous malfunction is usually the result of a breakdown of the hazardous control systems in a machine or equipment. It is caused by dangerous occurrences in the machine or equipment hence forcing the control systems to break down.

When should the responsible person notify the HSE of a dangerous occurrence?

NB: A report must be received within 10 days of the incident. For accidents resulting in the over-seven-day incapacitation of a worker, you must notify the enforcing authority within 15 days of the incident, using the appropriate online form.

How many reportable dangerous occurrences are there?

Dangerous occurrences These are incidents that have the potential to cause injury or ill health. In total, there are 27 dangerous occurrences that will apply to most workplaces.

When should a dangerous occurrence be reported?

Where the failure of an item of electrical equipment (including as a result of accidental damage) results in a fire or explosion, the failure is reportable as a dangerous occurrence if the equipment concerned is rendered unusable for over 24 hours, or if the occurrence was one with the potential to cause the death of …