Question: What Is An IBF?

What does IBFS mean in a text message?

IBFSInternet Best Friends Internet » ChatRate it:IBFSI Brake For Stamps Business » Companies & FirmsRate it:IBFSInternational Banking and Finance Studies Business » Banking — and more…Rate it:IBFSInternational Bureaus Filing System Governmental » Bureaus — and more…Rate it:7 more rows.

What does lbf stand for?

pound of forceThe pound of force or pound-force (symbol: lbf, sometimes lbf,) is a unit of force used in some systems of measurement including English Engineering units and the foot–pound–second system.

What does IBF mean on Tiktok?

internet best friendsIBFS means two things: either “internet boyfriends” or “internet best friends.”

What does IBF mean on Tik Tok?

internet best friendBut online, IBF, usually typed as ibf, most often stands for internet best friend, a riff on the classic bf for best friend.

What does f4f mean?

follow for followF4F is an acronym used on social media, mainly on Instagram, to stand for follow for follow. Users will post this after following other users in the hopes they will follow back. It is most frequently used as a hashtag.

What does Icbf mean in texting?

Acronym. Definition. ICBF. Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (Colombian Family Welfare Institute)

What does IBF mean?

IBFAcronymDefinitionIBFInternational Business and Finance (various organizations)IBFInstitute of Banking and Finance (various locations)IBFIslamic Banking & FinanceIBFInternet Best Friend29 more rows