Quick Answer: Does IES Officer Get Security?

What facilities does an IES officer get?

Apart from salary, an IES officer will also get various allowances and privileges including:Residential Quarters or HRA.Dearness Allowance.Leave Travel Allowance/ Tour Allowance.Official Vehicle.Gratuity.CGHS medical facility.Provident Fund.Personal Assistant.More items…•.

Who is powerful IAS or IES?

IAS is a more versatile and general kind of a service whereas IES requires expertise in the branch of engineering to which you belong .

How is life of IES officer?

Pay and perks: The pay of an IES officer is comparable or sometimes more than the private sector. The officers are also paid Dearness allowance to compensate for the inflation in the market. … All these perks along with the pay makes the life of the officer and their family easy and comfortable.

Who earns more engineer or IAS?

The salary is not much in IAS job as compared to job of Software Engineer in US, but this is a prestigious job. In simple language, if you want to go for money, you should go for MS, and if you believe in serving the nation, then IAS is the best package for you. There is no comparison between the two.

Which branch is best for IES?

There is nothing like one engineering branch has particularly got preference in this exam. And that will be best choice to score good in IES exam. This exam is conducted for mainly four branches of engineering eg: Civil,Mechanical,Electronics,Electrical.

Can an average student crack ies?

There is no reason why an average student can’t qualify in IES exams. Every student who performs well in UPSC exam stands a good chance to qualify.

Do IES officers get bodyguards?

No. After all, what’s the need of a security guard for an ESE officer? There are many reports of promising IAS officers quitting citing security concerns/ job interference/ corruption.

Can an IES officer go abroad to study?

Yes you get a chance to go Abroad from the beginning of your career and it Depends on Dept. you have choosen. In INAS and IOFS Officers used to go Abroad a lot of times on Official work to the countries like USA, France, Italy, UK, Sweden etc etc after completion of your probation.

Which is tough IAS or IES?

Both exams of UPSC OR IAS require a lot of preparation, mental strength and dedication. However, students with an engineering background would find IES slightly easier and even benefit from it while working. IES is looked upon as a technical exam and graduation knowledge might be enough to surpass it.

Is IES difficult?

Competition. Every year, a plethora of candidates used to appear for both these exams. But the competition level for IES is much tougher than the GATE exam. For IES, the competition ratio in terms of the number of vacancies available versus the number of candidates used to appear for the exam is 1:300.

Is IES equal to IAS?

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services, while on the other hand, IES is Indian Engineering Services. … The IES administrators are designated to manage the executive and technical operations of Indian Govt whereas the IAS administrators are engaged in the administrative department of Indian Govt.

Does IES officer get a car?

Car is generally not provided to officers at entry level posts. Though vehicles can be requested for official work.