Quick Answer: Does Messi Have A Private Jet?

Which football player owns a private jet?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet The forward and captain of Juventus Turin is paid $ 117 million a year by his club.

CR7 is the footballer who owns the most expensive private jet.

Its Gulfstream G650 can carry up to 18 people and offers a range of 12,960 km..

Does Tom Cruise have a private jet?

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise played an elite naval fighter jet pilot in the blockbuster movie “Top Gun”, and he now indulges his real love for flying in his own Gulfstream IV, one of the finest celebrity private jets around.

How much is Ronaldo private jet?

To resolve this problem Ronaldo owns his own private plane, which is reportedly a Gulfstream G650 jet. This beauty had a list asking price of $70m in 2019. It can carry from 11 to 18 passengers and has a top speed of Mach 0.925. The jet is Gulfstream’s largest and quickest business model.

Does Ronaldinho have a private jet?

10. Ronaldinho. He may be retired, but with plenty of money still in the bank he will be able to run his jet for years to come. … It has a maximum flight range of 1,355 miles at a speed of 466 miles per hour, so it’s the perfect jet for a short haul flight.