Quick Answer: How Big Around Is A Telephone Pole?

How big is a telephone pole?

about 40 feetThe typical utility pole runs about 40 feet in length, of which 6 feet is buried in the ground.

In urban environments they are commonly spaced about 125 feet apart, while in rural areas the distance is more like 300 feet.

(Both distances and pole height vary greatly depending on local terrain and clearance needs.).

What is the diameter of a telegraph pole?

about 150mm – 200mmFor calculating projects using multiple lengths of pole positioned vertically, allow a very rough average diameter of about 150mm – 200mm. It would be impossible here to list all the things that people have created with used telegraph poles.

How much weight can a telephone pole hold?

The horizontal loads that the H-classification poles can hold range from 10,000 lbs. for H5 to 5,400 lbs.

What is the circumference of a telephone pole?

There is also a minimum top circumference that is the same for all species and lengths. For example, a class 1 pole has a minimum top circumference of 27 inches. If it is 25 feet long and cedar (most utility poles are cedar), the circumference measured 6 feet from the bottom must be at least 43.5 inches.