Quick Answer: How Do You Modernize Antique Furniture?

How do you make an antique dresser look modern?

Step 1: Remove Hardware.

Modern Painted Dresser.

Step 2: Remove Old Finish.

Modern Painted Dresser.

Step 3: Create Design With Tape.

Modern Painted Dresser.

Step 4: Cut Away Gaps for Dresser.

Modern Painted Dresser.

Step 5: Add Tape to Drawer Edges.

Step 6: Paint.

Step 7: Remove Tape.

Step 8: Seal Exposed Wood.More items….

How do you update an old wood dresser?

Prep It. Remove the drawers from the dresser and set them aside. … Prime and Paint. Prime and let dry, then lightly go over the dresser with the fine sandpaper to smooth out any visible brushstrokes. … Replace the Hardware. Unscrew the existing hardware from the drawers.

How do you update old wood furniture?

Paint. Relatively cheap, cheerful and easy to use, paint is probably one of the easiest ways to update old wood furniture. … Stain. Maintain the Old World beauty of the furniture by staining the wood. … Oil Finish. … Hardware. … Additions.

What can you do with antique furniture?

There are many online options beyond Craigslist and eBay that you can use to turn that old sofa or dresser into some fresh cash.SELLING FURNITURE. One of these online options will be the right fit, depending on the quality and quantity of items you have. … AUCTIONS. … CONSIGNMENT. … DONATIONS. … HOUSEWARES.